Twila Spring 2013

4 Mar

I couldn’t be more excited to publish the Spring 2013 issue of Twila. It’s our BIGGEST issue yet and includes some amazing contributors! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Twila Spring 2013

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Music Monday: the Lone Bellow

26 Feb


I was so excited on Sunday, I couldn’t wait to share it. A girl who went to my high school who was always not just a really cool person but an incredible singer is in a band called the Lone Bellow. I’ve been following their stuff on Facebook for a while, and on Sunday I was reading People Magazine, and saw that one of the guys was recommending one of the songs, Tree to Grow, off of their new self-titled album. They are amazing. I can’t get enough.

I’m in a total bluegrass, whiskey-drinking, down-home roots phase right now, and this is totally fulfilling the mood. If you like the Lumineers or Old Crow Medicine Show, you’ll love The Lone Bellow. As recommended in People, Tree to Grow is probably one of my favorites. A close second would be You Never Need Nobody.

Now I just have to patiently wait for Kanene to come back to her hometown so I can catch a show!

All photos in those post are from The Lone Bellow sites.

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The Oscars

25 Feb


Happy Monday!!

Hope everyone got a chance to watch the Oscar’s last night! I was a little tired from a long weekend of working at a wine festival, but enjoyed it none the less. I’ll be completely honest in that I am much more into the people watching and red carpet  rather than the awards themselves. I’ve only seen 2 or 3 of the movies. The fashion this year had so much class, everyone looked stunning. I am really enjoying the come back of ‘Old Hollywood.’
The poor thing fell on her way up the stairs, but  Jennifer Lawrence is such an amazing role model as she is so real and just herself. I couldn’t be happier that she won Best Actress. Not to mention, she looked absolutely beautiful last night.
Jennifer Aniston also looked gorgeous in red. Seeing her with Channing Tatum was almost too much to handle!
I am absolutely COVETING Stacey Keibler’s dress. I wish I had an event to go to so I could get a dress like that to wear.
And of course, Reese Witherspoon is always one of my favorites. The blue of that dress matches her skin and hair flawlessly.
Did you have a favorite of the night?!

Fashion Favorites Casual Friday

8 Feb


Happy Friday! What a cold and gloomy day! Especially to not get any snow. Since it’s Friday, I went casual with my favorite go-to outfit. I have this outfit in so many varying colors, but during the winter it’s so easy and cozy, it’s hard not to wear! The IT! Jeans are my absolute FAVORITE jeans in the world. They fit great and are super comfortable. I have the stiletto jeans, boyfriend fit, trouser, and Diva. All under $100.  And the rubber mocs are my favorite winter and snow shoes. Warm and waterproof? Yes, please!

The earrings I found through an Etsy shop, the Rustic Gem. She has so many shapes and colors, I want them all. And the Polo Button Up and Murfee Scarf are staples! So easy and so cute.

Despite the gloomy weather today, I’m hoping for some good weather for the weekend to continue some half-marathon training. I’ve got 2 months to go. Saturday I’m heading to my usual spinning class for some cross training, and Sunday is long run day.

Whatever you do, stay warm and stay safe!

Rustic Gem | Periwinkle Blue Oval Drop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren | Super Slim-Fit Oxford

Lilly Pulitzer | Murfee Scarf in Shorely Blue NYC

IT! Jeans | Stiletto Skinny

LL Bean | Women’s Rubber Mocs

Book Club: Gone Girl

7 Feb

We had our first Book Club Meeting last night and it was AMAZING. We met at Panera so that we had food and coffee options yet plenty of space and time to chat without being rushed. It was the perfect setting for our first meeting.


We had chosen the book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, which is a MUST-READ. It was amazing. It was captivating, intriguing, and left so much to be discussed. The book was extremely well written, as it went back and forth between the past, present, and the two main character perspectives. But even with the differing perspectives, the quality of writing and consistent detail made it easy to follow. Since it is a mystery, it left you with some questions in your mind as to what was really going on, but never made you feel confused in a negative way. It was fantastic. Just ask my dad- I couldn’t put it down!

I was DYING to talk about it at our meeting. While we were able to jump right in with our thoughts and comments about the book at the meeting, I also brought some discussion questions I found online.  The questions provided some really thought-provoking questions and definitely made us dig a little more into the book. I loved hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions. I have to say, my favorite part was discussing who we thought would be perfect for each character if the book were made into a movie.

After we finished our discussion, we decided on our next book, Silver Linings Playbook, which I couldn’t be more excited about!

Not in a book club but want to join one? Start your own!

Did you read Gone Girl? What did you think? Join our discussion!